French Chocolate Tradition

We believe that happiness is a lifestyle, and pleasure – a choice. That is why we make truffles. Inspired by the French tradition and confectioners’ virtuosity, our truffles are daily lifestyle pleasure.

Chocmod is a family business established in 1948 in Tourcoing, France. Our most popular brand is "Truffettes de France". We use only the finest ingredients which results in the best taste. Intense or subtle, all our flavour blends find lovers.

It is our great pride that we export our truffles in over 45 countries worldwide ever since the 80s. From the smallest reward to the most exquisite wedding celebration, Chocmod’s truffles always offer the most appropriate selection for any occasion.

Our long experience, high quality standards and respect for tradition allow us to create candies whose taste is always unique. We combine authentic craftsmanship with advanced industrial processes to offer delicious products at an affordable price. Every bite of our truffles brings pure moments of pleasure which is worth sharing.

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