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The Energizer® brand is synonymous with the first innovative and emerging technologies in the world. They are a leading partner in the category of Power Supply and Portable Lighting, with a powerful portfolio of innovative products and innovations led by consumers. The company is an American manufacturer of batteries, portable lanterns and chargers, whose history began in 1905.

Battery history and device development go hand in hand. When Energizer® invented the first miniature batteries in the late 1950s, most of the world stopped clocking. Alkaline batteries provide enough power to make way for portable radios, accessories and toys that glow, blink and make sounds.

With the introduction of lithium batteries, a new world of long-lasting power opens for high-tech devices, from digital cameras to MP3 players and notebooks.

Today, the company is located in St. Louis, USA and has more than 50 branches worldwide. It is a world leader in the dynamic business of providing energy solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of products including Energizer battery products such as Energizer Eco Advanced, Energizer MAX, Energizer Ultimate Lithium and other batteries, charging systems and portable lanterns. You can rely on these precisely designed batteries to power all small electronic devices - games, toys and remotes.

Inkofoods LTD is an official distributor of Energizer products for Bulgaria.

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