The real taste of Bulgarian honey

Top’s Honey began its journey in 2009. Our history builds upon deeply-ingrained principles which have remained unchanged over time. There is no greater happiness than turning your hobby into your profession. And this is exactly what we did!

We do our job with both flair and a tremendous respect for Nature!
Bee products from the apiaries of Topalov Med are ecologically clean and 100% natural.
The hives - more than 3,000 - are located in independent bosoms of the Fore-Balkans. We practice mobile beekeeping, which provides the richest possible variety of bees.

Honey, pollen, propolis, wax are obtained in a happy way, without harming the bees and without contaminating the same products. Completely natural, 100% pure impurities have been achieved next to you.
Top’s Honey bee products support health and bring pleasure.
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