Maille mustard is my mustard

The brand

It all started in 1747 with a fundamental disagreement about mustard.

On one side, Antoine-Claude Maille. On the other, every other condiment maker in France. The latter were of the belief that one kind of mustard was quite enough flavour to be going on with. Antoine felt very strongly that it was not.

So he opened La Maison Maille and set about making not one, not two, but 84 different kinds of mustards from scratch using a variety of plants and seeds. Then he made 101 vinegars, just to be on the safe side.

- Our Mission – keep the passion for food alive.

- Our Vision – Fill the world with gourmet foodies.

The products

The mustard seeds used by La Maison Maille come from Burgundy or from Canada. Naturally grown & carefully selected grains from mustard plants will make the great mustard and unique taste of Maille.

Maille unique selling point is the production process of its refined mustard: After being manly selected, mustard seeds are being cut instead of crushed, which is the standard process for other Dijon mustard makers. It ensures the full preservation of the aroma, and the explosion of taste in mouth.

Vinegar is a key ingredient of Dijon mustard, which peneetrates the cut mustard seeds during the steeping, revealing the pungency of the mustard seeds, zestiness, and aroma.
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