The new Italian tradition, called Bauli

 The story of Bauli began in 1922 in Verona where young Ruggero Bauli started pursuing his lifelong passion for baking in a small pastry shop. There he learned the techniques and secrets of traditional Italian baking, among which is the recipe for one of the most widely known cakes today - the Pandoro di Verona.

Ruggero was very ambitious so he decided to leave Verona and pursue his dream in Argentina. He started his journey in 1927 but the ship he was sailing on crashed and sank. Only a few passengers survived, including Ruggero. Having lost all his belongings, this young man had to start from scratch. Driven by his great ambition, he soon opened his own confectioner's shop and eventually employed 40 people.

After spending 10 years in Argentina, Ruggero returned to Verona with his wife where they opened another pastry shop which instantly gained great popularity, producing over 5,000 cakes a day.

Bauli is a company which respects family values and love for tradition. Ruggero Bauli’s three sons were inspired by their father’s passion and became involved in the business. They introduced innovation into the production process which turned Bauli into the dynamic and modern company we know today.

Bauli has always been devoted to selecting the best ingredients which guarantee the taste of the Bauli products. Our pastries and croissants have authentic and genuine flavour, and are of unquestionable quality. It is our passion for baking and excellent Italian pastry that makes our specialities so unique.

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