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While visiting the French part of Switzerland, young Oscar Kambly fell in love with a girl from the village of Trubschachen. After his graduation he returned to her village in the Emmental valley where he learnt his trade as a baker and confectioner at the village bakery.

After perfecting his skills abroad, Kambly took over the bakery of his master and started his own business together with his new wife.

Very quickly the village bakery became famous and Oscar Kambly decided it was time to grow. Kambly, assisted by his brother Paul, established the company in 1910 and transformed the bakery into a biscuit factory.

The Bretzeli, this delicately crisp Swiss biscuit speciality, was Oscar Kambly’s first and most important product, and is still the company's market leader.

All Kambly delights are produced in Switzerland, as if by a master's skilled hand, making full use of cutting-edge technology. Nevertheless, Kambly is rooted in tradition which is why over 80% of Kambly’s raw ingredients come from local suppliers - flour from the local mill, butter from the local dairy. For example, the chocolate, the company is using, is produced to Kambly's own recipe by renowned Swiss chocolate manufacturers.

Kambly is Switzerland's best-known and most popular biscuit brand. In terms of quality and innovation, Kambly is the world leader in the premium segment of the global fine biscuit market. People all over the world recognize Kambly and enjoy every bite of these exquisite biscuits.

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