The story of Pastificio Giovanni Rana is the story of its father, Mr Giovanni Rana, and his son Zhang Luka, who in the 1960s built one of the most successful Italian companies. It all begins when Mr Giovanni calls fifteen people in his first lab to prepare tortellines. To date, the quality of our products is in creativity, taste and in the hands of our collaborators!

Giovanni Rana is the world's leading company offering the best products on the market for fresh food!

To shape our ideas, we need to constantly rethink and update production processes, starting from the project to technical development. Each ingredient we use is subjected to a tasting test before being involved and prepared in production. This is a commitment we respect to ensure the quality of our products. Freshness can not wait! We are very proud of this approach that makes us unique! This method is a continuous journey to perfection, which is not a fixed point of arrival, but a style of life and work. This is possible thanks to the incredible passion that unites all the people who work in our company.

And the best thing is that there are hundreds of recipes that are produced in our factories and we have not found our favorite!

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