Only the best raw materials and memorable taste

The Swisslion was founded in 1997 when the first factory, applying SL technology - a symbol of high quality healthy food, only the best raw materials and a memorable flavor, was opened. In 2004, after a huge investment and record-breaking time, PIK Takova by Gornjeg Milanovca is integrated into Swisslion's business system and the Swisslion-Takovo Group has been established. Swisslion-Takovo is a true empire in the production of quality and healthy food.

The application of state-of-the-art technologies and the superior knowledge of all employees, as well as the continuous improvement processes, set high standards of production and trade. Developing best practices in food production. Swisslion's main product lines are Eurocrem, Juvitana, Eurodessert, Nutri Plus, Hello, Choco Biscuit.

Vision of the business system Swisslion-Takovo is to keep the position of one of the top leaders in the confectionery market in Serbia and Balkan region as well, and by its work and developing the technology expend sphere of activity and develop a positive image about itself and its products, as successfully positioned trade marks.

The wish of the Swisslion Takovo company is to be:

- A preferable, high quality and stable business partner - An actuator of the entire Serbia’s econimic development - A synonym for the most powerful food industry in Southeastern Europe which contributes general goals of the community it belongs to.

Inkofoods LTD is an official distributor of Swisslion products for Bulgaria.

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