Pure goodness!

  Alfons Loacker founded his business in 1925. Over the years, the company has grown from a small regional confectioner to a globally known brand with products that delight people in more than 100 countries all around the world. The Loacker company makes and packages its chocolate and waffle specialities in the heart of the Dolomites according to the highest quality standards.

We have always strived to offer pure and wholesome natural goodness to our consumers. It is our permanent challenge to continuously improve our brand and deliver sustained added value.

If you only use good ingredients, you will get exceptional quality - which you can taste! That has always been our policy and we take great pride in it. The secret behind all Loacker products’ irresistibility and global success is experience. We have fully devoted ourselves to the careful selection of the ingredients: Italian hazelnuts, real Bourbon vanilla, delicious cocoa, sun-ripened raspberries, fine Loacker chocolate according to our own recipes, high quality milk and fresh mountain water. Categorically, we do not use hydrogenated fats in the production of our premium specialities.

In our chocolate products we have exclusively been using traditionally made chocolate, specially developed for Loacker, ever since our foundation more than 90 years ago. Our chocolate is produced from classic raw materials such as cocoa butter, cocoa mass and sugar, and milk powder for the milk chocolate – all of the highest quality.

The dough for the crispy wafers is made according to a secret, traditional family recipe and baked oven-fresh in a classic waffle iron. How do we manage it that the most sophisticated pastry from the conveyor belt tastes hand-made? That will remain our secret.

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