It's not just chocolate, it's Gianduia!

"We combine chocolate and pleasure. We are the inventors of the Gianduiotto . We are Caffarel ."

Paul Caffarel opened his lab in 1826 in Turin and thus laid the foundation of one of the first chocolate factories in Italy and Europe. At that time few people in Europe had heard of chocolate and even less had ever tasted it. Thanks to Caffarel, the city quickly became one of the chocolate capitals.

In 1865 the Gianduiotto was born. It is the most extraordinary invention of Caffarel and one of the most memorable specialties in the world of chocolate. The Gianduiotto is a unique combination of cocoa and roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, and the unique method of production, called “extrusion”.

Combining tradition and innovation Caffarel produced another masterpiece: Piemonte. Piemonte is a real mouthwatering experience of the velvety Gianduia chocolate together with the crunchiness of the best whole hazelnuts.

Nevertheless, sweetness is never enough. So in 1990 we decided to put all the care we devote to chocolate also into producing candies. Always with the same Caffarel quality: noblesse oblige.

We at Caffarel use only the best Italian hazelnuts and the finest cocoa beans in our products. Mixing them is an art that we have mastered in over 190 years of history offering you the ultimate velvety chocolate experience.

We produce our chocolate according to the same artisan culture that inspired Paul Caffarel back in his lab in 1826. The unique Gianduiotto production method called “extrusion” is the way to recreate the manual gesture of the chocolate artisans to make you experience that soft and velvety drop. Our attention to details and the high quality of our packaging make Caffarel a perfect gift!

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