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Kotanyi – a company for herbs and spices, was created by Janos Kotanyi in 1881. The beginning was set in Szeged with the first paprika mill which quickly became famous throughout Hungary. Paprika remains our pride and bestseller even today with its unique garden aroma, sweet flavor and intense red color.

Quality is our tradition!

Kotanyi has an international outlook but remains a family business which is managed by Erwin Kotanyi today – the fourth generation of the Kotanyi family. Nowadays our products are known and loved in 25 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Asia and South America. The herbs and spices, just like in the past century, are processed and packaged in our factory near Vienna today. Over 4500 different products are produced there in various packaging ranging from pouches, mills, glass jars and others with a focus on convenience.

Worldwide and at home, true connoisseurs value quality!

Quality guarantee is not only our duty, but also a main principle of our work and inner drive of each of our employees. Herbs and spices are very tender and demanding natural products, which require special care not only during harvesting and processing, but also in the process of preserving them. Kotanyi studies their numerous varieties with love and explores different cuisines from around the world in search of inspiration. Why? Because food and food preparation wouldn’t deliver even half the pleasure it does without the aromatic herbs and spices. Because they are an irreplaceable gift from nature which gives taste, aroma and more to the dishes we eat!

Be inspired to create!
Kotanyi believes that herbs and spices are not only delicious additions to your food, but also a driver for inspiration and creativity in the kitchen. With herbs and spices from Kotanyi, cooking can be a delight which you can share with your friends and family. We see cooking as an invitation for an unforgettable adventure in the world of aromas and we make sure that this adventure always starts filled with enthusiasm. Kotanyi invites everyone to explore new culinary horizons, to experiment and have fun. Thus, we don‘t just offer high quality herbs and spices. Kotanyi offers: creativity, enjoyment, inspiration and passion!

In 2022, KOTANI changes the design and production of its packaging. They are beautiful and attractive, with a clearer and more legible font, as always with important information about the products and with inspiring recipes. The top plastic layer of the packaging has been removed, saving the company 70 tons of plastic per year. But thanks to innovative technology, the packaging is again four-layered with reliable protection. KOTANI spices retain the well-known high quality you can count on - rich aroma, intact color and irresistible taste!
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