Our mission is to take this fruit to its top level

Since 1899 the Mutti family has been passionately dedicated to processing tomatoes in the heart of the Emilia Romagna, a region near Parma. Their passion was made up of a 100% Italian tomatoes and the utmost care in terms of monitoring the whole supply chain: from selecting the best-suited varieties and fields, up to picking and packaging.

Mutti has a past full of history, innovation and quality. The company is the inventor of concentrated tomato paste in a tube and a product innovator with the launch of its “Finely diced tomato pulp.” In 2000 Mutti presented for the first time the Pomodorino d’oro quality award, annualy given to the farmers who registered the best results in terms of the nutritional characteristics of the tomatoes they have grown.

Driven by its passion for tomatoes, the company launched its ready-made sauces in 2007. Mutti uses traditional recipes which combine freshly processed peeled tomatoes and a dash of concentrate to enhance the flavours.

In 2010, Mutti became partners with WWF Italy. Their aim is to analyze and reduce the carbon and water footprint along the company’s entire supply chain. This is in the core of Mutti’s values, namely the ambition of being the first on the market to only use tomatoes that are grown and processed in a sustainable way. From a local farm, Mutti has turned into a global company that has continually expanded thanks to the passion of a family that, for over a century, has maintained the quality of their products.

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