We are gluten free, lactose free and only with natural flavours & colours. Made in Switzerland with lots of love and care.

The history of Ricola begins with the master baker Emil Richterich in 1930. Back then he was running a bakery in Laufen, which produced over a 100 different jelly products and sweets. One of the first and most successful products was the „5er Mocken“.

Emil Richterich always had a passion for herbs and its medicinal benefit. This is the reason why he came up with the idea to develop a cough drop, which is good for your throat and also tastes good.
For this cough drop he created a mixture out of 13 herbs. In 1940 he invented the Original Ricola Herb Drop. This recipe with the 13 herbs is integrated in all our products today.

The herbs that are used for the „13 herbs mixture“ have two active ingredients: essential oils and mucilage.
For further processing different components of the plants are being used, such as the blooms of the cowslip or the roots of the burnet.
The combination of the active ingredients and the secret of the composition are the magic of the „13 herbs mixture“.

From the elder flower tree and the cowslip the blooms are being used thyme, speedwell, horehound and yarrow are being used as blooming herb.
From the sage and the peppermint we cut the herb before the bud develops.
From the mallow, the plantain and the Lady`s mantle the leaves are being used (cut before the blooming).
From the marshmallow and the burnet the roots are being used.

The Ricola herbs are cultivated by natural guidelines. Ricola is harvesting the herbs as soon as they have reached the highest possible level of active ingredient and aroma. Afterwards they will be transported for drying immediately.

And so Ricola has grown steadily. Today it is an international company with its headquarters in Laufen.
However, Ricola remains an independent family business that is run by the 4th Richterich generation.
Today, over 500 employees work for Ricola worldwide, 430 of them in Switzerland.
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