We invest all our passion, creativity and enthusiasm into everything we do

Founded in 2012 as a private company, The Bakers is a young, modern and constantly developing company. Initially, the company was focused on nuts processing and marketed two of its intriguing brands- HULIGAN and ZIGI.

New premises opened in 2014 to increase the company's production capacity in full compliance with all European food safety regulations and standards.

In 2015 the company invested in new production lines which made possible the entry of The Bakers in a completely new segment – the one of bakery snacks. The unique KARUZO Cream Pita range was launched and it accelerated the company growth and market opportunities.

Further renovation of the factory was done in 2017 and the company portfolio was extended with the KRAMBALS bruschetta range. Currently, The Bakers is a well-known company in its home market and successfully exports more than 60% of its production to countries in Europe, Middle East and USA.

We create products full of taste and personality that bring pleasure and emotion in people’s lives and value to our partners.

When it comes to baking, we at The Bakers are proud to admit it: yes, we are addicts. We invest all our passion, creativity and enthusiasm into everything we do.

We are addicted to creating top quality products, implementing the artisan techniques and skills into a modern production process, to assure consumers’ complete satisfaction.

Our addiction drives us constantly to search, experiment and innovate. We love surprising the consumer with new, unique ideas. And our addiction doesn’t stop when the product is ready. We always bring the hot news in a fresh, original way, making our brands easily loved and recognized. Our new production premises comply with highest European Standards & Food Safety, provide excellent working environment and ensure highest production quality.

We believe that the uncompromised quality is a major prerequisite and guarantee to deliver true value, in everything we do.

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