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Maisto International Inc. is a toy brand of May Cheong Group. Over the past 35 years, Maisto has evolved to become a world leader in the fast-growing toy industry. It produces mock models of cars, trucks, airplanes and motorcycles. "We create and produce the best products available on the market, so the products are sold all over the world. Excellent achievements in design and production are achieved. The company works closely with a design and art crew. Concepts, design, logos of vehicles and packaging are created - from the beginning to the end of the production process, quality, accuracy and precision are monitored.

Maisto's products are divided into different series. The most popular are Hobby, Allstars, Motorcycles and Assembly line. Each of them is a real feast for every enthusiast's eyes - amazing details, removable wheels and steering, rubber tires, suspension and side steps.

Inkofoods LTD is an official distributor of Maisto's products for Bulgaria.

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Learn more about Maisto on www.maisto.com