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Elite is a company established in 1968. This is the year when it created the first packaged rusk.

Unmistakably, Elite is a high quality brand which offers nutritional value and new flavorsome experiences. Ever since its establishment, the company has been creating tasty and wholesome products for a number of years, based on dedication and a loving touch. Following the same recipe for success, Elite not only remains committed to the values that have made it the top rusk brand, but continues to pave the way with exciting new taste experiences.

The company has its focus mainly on modern consumer needs, which is why it expanded to the category of snacks, offering nutritionally balanced snack options. It launched the Elite Crackers and thus laid the foundations for the development of innovative products based on the Mediterranean Diet. Offering such a wide product range, Elite has become the ideal tasty snack for any time of the day and for all occasions!

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