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In 1993, Vitalia opens its first Vitalia branded healthy food store. It is following the rapid development of the company and the introduction of a number of standards ensuring full control over the quality of the products.

The products of Vitalia provide us with a rich variety of natural, delicious and healthy foods, prepared according to original recipes with ingredients from ecological areas.

Our team consists of more than 250 highly motivated and dedicated people whose professional experience and knowledge facilitate the realization of Vitalia's already established vision. The experienced team of technicians, nutritionists, doctors and pharmacists continuously monitors the global trends in nutrition and healthy foods, thus creating innovative products to suit every taste.

Mussel line of Vitalia offers muesli enriched with calcium and magnesium, sweetened with brown sugar and dried fruits.They are sold both in economical packaging for home (box and envelope) and in a cup with a foldable scoop for maximum convenience in the office or school. Vitalia Crunchy Muesli are healthy, high-quality products that play a very important role in everyday nutrition. They are produced according to an original recipe of high quality ingredients in order to achieve the best taste. Crispy Vitalia muesli are a natural source of important nutrients and an ideal source of energy for an active day. Perfectly served with milk or yoghurt, they provide light and delicious food.

Line grain bars are a healthy and delicious breakfast that provides long lasting energy. They are suitable for people who sport or maintain a diet, as well as for everyone who looks after their appearance and their health.

Incosmetics JSC is an official distributor of Vitalia products for Bulgaria.

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