About us

INKOFOODS OOD is a leader in the field of distribution of fast-moving consumer goods in Bulgaria.

We have a long history of cooperation with international and Bulgarian partners which is why we at INKOFOODS OOD always strive to increase the market share of distributed products and expand the portfolio of brands in the premium segment. We are a trusted partner of the companies whose brands we distribute and share their passion for work by representing them in the best possible way. We are their loyal, open and successful partner on the Bulgarian market!

INKOFOODS OOD is one of the leading distributors of Lindt, Caffarel, Loaker, Kambly, Corsini, Bauli, Arcor, Haribo, Bonomi, Rauch, Illy, Rossidi, De Cecco, Mutti, Elite, Sacla, Swatch & Stabilo!

You can find the products we are distributing on the shelves of all large retail chains such as METRO, Kaufland, Fantastico, etc.

Understanding and meeting the needs of clients is the key to success today! We fully understand the importance of accuracy, loyalty, good prices and high quality of goods. That is why we always maintain these standards and thus create a loyal work environment, guaranteeing high performance and best results. The pricing policy we have adopted is flexible enough to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

We enable our clients to load the stocks of their most profitable products, and our colleagues make regular visits at a convenient time. We are very proud of the good relations we have established with clients. We cover the entire territory of Bulgaria and reach every small, medium-sized or large retail store.Competitive advantages:

  • INKOFOODS OOD distributes brands with long history on the market, worldwide leading market shares and uncompromising quality;
  • We are experienced in working with multinational companies;
  • INKOFOODS OOD is an asset-backed company – vehicle fleet, buildings, mobile software, etc.;
  • Due to its well-selected portfolio, our company and its products are present in all retail chains in Bulgaria;
  • The company has a well-developed and strictly organized distribution network covering the entire territory of Bulgaria;
  • Excellent management and highly-qualified staff
  • Dynamic growth.

We are always trying to be the best at our activity!

Become a part of our family and let us build our business together!